Like a best friend, Smooth is dependable, warm and an oasis of calm in a busy and challenging world.

We know our listeners in Malta and Gozo are busy with work and a hectic family life that is full on.

Smooth provides a musical escape from those non-stop days, with experienced presenters and the right mix of relaxing songs that stand the test of time.

Our fast-growing audience of upmarket adults is a compelling reason to make Malta’s Smooth Radio part of your next marketing campaign.

Smooth Audience Profile

  • Aspiring, cosmopolitan, educated adults aged 35-59 with a core target audience of 45-54
  • Female bias
  • Listeners with busy lives who want to hear music they know and love, that helps them relax

We carefully choose, research and painstakingly craft the relaxing mix of music we play. We also bring you the news stories that matter, to cultivate the most valuable ABC1 audience for our customers.

Our advertising rates are attractive. Coupled with clever scheduling and award-winning UK production, they’re hard to resist.

All commercials on Smooth are in English, just like our programmes.

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As well as radio, Smooth can connect your brand with some of the fastest-growing online audiences.

Our experienced digital marketing team can take your business to the next level.

By enhancing your company’s website, improving your Google rankings and creating content that makes people care, we’ll tell your story, upgrade your social media and boost your brand awareness.

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